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This is my /RoadRageDiary page for September 2003.

Friday 5th

Time: ~ 8:50 am
Hmm. I might have just caused someone to fail their driving test. Oh well.
Image: 98
Observe the current positions of the vehicles. The mini overtook me while I was still next to the parked car, and had to come so close that it almost touched me, to avoid the oncoming car. I noticed after it passed that it had an L plate, and when I passed it again in a queue that the front-seat passenger was writing stuff on a very official-looking document. The mini driver should have found the brakes and not overtaken, instead of trying to overtake and only succeeding by luck.
Surely them failing their driving test would be a good thing in this case? -- Senji
Probably -- Admiral
I used to get stuff written on a clipboard by my driving instructor. Most useful, it was. (I can recommend a driving instructor who works out of Bar Hill, but does house calls, should anyone want one...) -- TI (Who agrees with Senji, in other respects).
StuartFraser's driving instructor behaved in much the same way as TI's; he doubts this was a test. In addition, was the car there really parked on double yellow lines?
Um. I think so. -- Admiral
No, the double yellow lines weren't there. -- Admiral
PeterTaylor's driving instructor would have found the brakes, lectured him for 30 seconds, and then told him to move off.

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