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Welcome to Admiral's diary. Specifically dedicated to all the ridiculous things he sees on the streets of Cambridge. Also includes a /LicenseRegister, and a /BlackSpotRegister.


D'you reckon cam.transport peeps would be interested? - MoonShadow

Out of interest, the tallies of cyclists riding through signs that say 'cyclists dismount' - I have recently found out for sure (after long suspecting but not getting round to checking) that these are only advisory anyway.  Which explains why they left them up at the GreenDragon? bridge over the river even after making it possible to cycle over the bridge by replacing those annoying cup-handle bars with a cattle grid.  Only the black bike in a red cycle is a compulsory sign. MJ
If you listen to ColinRosenstiel? then they left them up at GreenDragon? because the CountyCouncil? is in charge of road signs, not the CityCouncil (who believe that the bridge is entirely safe). -- Senji
Not that that has ever stopped cyclists in Cambridge particularly...
PeterTaylor observes that linguistically they're only advisory in the sense that they make you aware of information - they're phrased as indicative rather than imperative. Does the council have something again colons?
However, "NO CYCLING" seems fairly imperative to me. Is that just advisory too? -- Admiral
Is it white text on a blue rectangular background?  If so, then yes. -- Senji

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