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AgathaChristie?`s Great Detectives Poirot and Marple...  The [Anime]...

Yes, that's right.  Someone in Japan? decided to do an anime of AgathaChristie?'s famous detectives and, just to save time, decided to put them both in.


The first episode has now been [fansubbed]...

I haven't seen it yet but even the concept has broken my brain. --K

If you have read the books, avoid like the plague. --Pallando
RequestForClarification? - do you mean the MissMarple? books, the GreatDetectivePoirot? books or (horrrors) books which cross the two?  --Vitenka

From the first episode it appears that it is going to be a stereotypical detective story per episode.  The main character is a young girl (and, regrettably, her duck) who is looking to become a great detective (or is at least starting to think that way by the end of the first episode).

Poirot seemed moderately accurate to my, extremely vague, memories of the novels.  Miss Marple looks like she will be turning up in episode 2.  Did they ever meet in a novel?  I can't recall.

I think I've read a story where a young miss marple meets an elderly sherlock holmes, but never poirot/marple crossover. <Zebbie>

All in all not too bad (except for the opening and ending songs which are dire) but, unfortunately, not particularly inspired either.  Could go either way. --K

This sounds remarkably inspired to me.  I don't think they ever met, no.  Is this a 'girl reads her books and gets inspired' or is she actually set in the world of AgathaChristie??  Because I suspect that I will laugh myself silly at the anime interpretation of little-hampton-by-sea et al...  --Vitenka
In the world of and the period of.  The first episode is set in Brighton... and actually not too badly done (well, it's not Japan with random UK landmarks thrown in which they usually do).  The animation style is quite old (as you can see from the first link on the page) but that probably works better than a newer style would have in this case.  At least they didn't try to make Poirot a bishounen ^^;; --K

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