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Occasional visitor to the wiki who hasn't bothered making a home page because he doesn't visit enough. So I'll start one for him. 8-p

Think that still stands as as good a description as any :-)

Third-year CompSci PhD student, thus probably one of the wiki's MathematicallyMindedPeople; interests include RacquetSports? which aren't tennis, and Cycling including Unicycle(ing). Regular attendee at GamesEvening where he plays most games including MagicTheGathering.
(so, RealTennis? and the like, then? --CH)
Yes - I said interests; that doesn't mean I play RealTennis? regularly, or indeed, that I have ever played RealTennis? at all! But, on a list of things I'd like to try, it definitely comes quite high....if there are any ToothyWikizens who do play, and wouldn't mind a game against a total novice (with experience of squash, etc., fwiw), then that would be cool :-)

As the above implies, not much of a ToothyWikizen (at least until I suddenly have lots of time on my hands. Hmmm, that sounds likely...) Thus, he finds most of his interests have already become served elsewhere, and doesn't have much of a homepage...

Subpages: /PRMtG and /MtGTrades


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