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MtG Wanted List

A list of my rares / uncommons (maybe!) up for trade will...make that may...appear at some point. In the meantime, thanks to FR for some good suggestions...

MTG: Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni

MTG: Twincast
MTG: Hail of Arrows
MTG: Hand of Honor
MTG: Hand of Cruelty

MTG: Marrow-Gnawer

MTG: Nezumi Cutthroat (possibly - have to check whether I've got any!)

FlameRider has two each of MTG: Hand of Cruelty and MTG: Hail of Arrows if you want them.  I realise trading can be tricky, but mailing seems to work reasonably well.
Well, generally I'm happy to stick cards in the post, yes, and I'd quite like one HoC? and two HoA?. However, this first requires identifying what to send you! Before I attempt to list my entire inventory of uncommons....eeek!...any ideas at all to narrow down the range? I have cards going back to Revised Edition...in...all colours...:-)
Unfortunately, I can't really think of any uncommons I want, unless you have a MTG: Necra Sanctuary.  If you have, I'd probably swap all three of mine for one sanctuary, although I wouldn't say no to a couple of MTG: Sakura-Tribe Elder.  Otherwise, I'm still looking for a coupkle of MTG: Embermage Goblin.  --FR
I have some Elder's, but they're common - the others, I'm working on.... --AL

(PeterTaylor) I have a MTG: Hail of Arrows and a MTG: Groundskeeper. Plus that Homura you wanted to trade back.


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