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AngelaRayner has not spent a lot of time learning to unicycle.  I tried a bit on holiday and during the summer, but now it has got wet and dark outside, it seems far less fun to try.  Are any other ToothyWikizens interested in Unicycling?

Tried it once, would probably give it more of a try if I had ready access to a Unicycle and a soft place to land...  For now I think I'll stick to Juggling various things -- Kazuhiko

As CUJA Treasurer, I am, in a technical sense - but my interest is really only theoretical. I know enough to teach people, and mean to learn myself sometime. I juggle, mainly - although recently I've been learning the FireStaff?... -- TheInquisitor

(PeterTaylor) I could never get the hang of that, although I was quite good on a walking globe. Hence the NokkyQuote about the market for solid plastic spheres.

CorkScrew wonders how many other wikizens are in the CUJA or go to their training sessions. If you see a really tall guy with two left feet and at least 3 left hands (exact number indeterminate, may be irrational), say hi cos it's me.
TI is ex-treasurer, but taking a year of mostly-break, so as to do other things on Wednesdays. If you ever do fire, chances are I'll be involved.

AlanLawrence has a Unicycle and can ride it to a limited extent. Reckons it's substantially harder to get started than juggling, but possibly easier after that. Is informed there are a couple unicyclists at CUJA; there are also a few at the CambridgeCommunityCircus? including some who are quite good, plus the bunch who are sometimes seen practising outside the CavendishLabs at lunchtimes. He would be very interested to try some unicycle hockey if other people, of whatever skill level, were up for having a go, tho isn't sure how few people there could be and it still "work"...

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