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It's a category, you hit the title to get a list.

Notably, however:

PeterTaylor/MtGTrades - list of rares and uncommons, short wanted list.
Inquisitor/MtGTrades - list of rares, most uncommons, and wanted.
AlexChurchill/MtGTrades - list of rares, and wanted list.
StuartFraser/MtGTrades - partial list of rares, uncommons and wanted.
ChrisHowlett/MtGTrades - growing list of most tradables, some wanted.
Hawk/MtGTrades - just a couple of wanted for now.

Current [pricelist] (prices in US dollars). Whether or not you care about edition etc. yourself, it might not be such a good idea to trade away stuff that's priced in the double digits for stuff from more modern editions, in case you ever become short enough on money to go the eBay route.
For contrast, [[Blackborder.com], which normally has prices from three shops, as opposed to taking the average of 1 transaction.

(PeterTaylor) I've just finished doing some research on blackborder.com on prices for stuff I'm interested in trading on Saturday, and there are some surprising prices for Mirrodin cards. MTG: Chrome Mox is as high as $25.99, followed by MTG: Oblivion Stone at $19.99. Third, at $14.99, is MTG: Solemn Simulacrum, which I'm happy about - that's the same of MTG: Decree of Justice, which I want for my RW deck. Then $13.99 for MTG: Troll Ascetic, $12.99 for MTG: Platinum Angel, MTG: Glimmervoid, MTG: Broodstar. Highly priced uncommons include MTG: Isochron Scepter at $4.99 (!), MTG: Lightning Greaves at $2.49, MTG: Shrapnel Blast at $2.10, MTG: Icy Manipulator and MTG: Thirst for Knowledge at $1.99, MTG: Loxodon Warhammer at $1.75, MTG: Fabricate at $1.29. Cheap rares of note to we Jonnies are MTG: Pentavus at $1.50 (in contrast to a typical rare at $1.99), MTG: Trash for Treasure at $1.25 and both MTG: Quicksilver Elemental and MTG: Vermiculos at $0.99 (i.e. equal to good uncommons).
What a good idea.  Since I'd already got Nokkette to record for me that cards I'm interested in trading for include MTG: Broodstar and MTG: Lightning Greaves, I should have thought of doing that myself.  --AC
How bizarre. MTG: Mind's Desire is priced at $3.50, and cardguy.co.uk lists it at 2. Think I might be trading for some! --CH
Type 1 restricted cards aren't that expensive, usually...MTG: Mind's Desire costs about the same as MTG: Tolarian Academy
I have built decks before by going "ooh, that's priced at 'I don't want these'", and getting four. My unnatural reflections deck being one such. --TI
*innocent whistle, shoving behind him his Tetravus-Pentavus-Thopter Squadron-Blinkmoth Urn-Vermiculos deck.  And any evidence of his former Blood Hound deck, or the Mortal Combat-Cephalid Vandal, or ...*  --AC

Currently, MTG: Skullclamp appears to be worth fractionally more than MTG: Platinum Angel. Hmm.
Ooh, Cardguy selling MTG: Darksteel Reactor at 2! And Fabricate is unlisted, so 50p. --CH

See also MagicTheGathering.


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