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Aargh. What can I say. Somebody suggested at GamesEvening that I should make a Generator for PuertoRico buildings. I dismissed the suggestion out of hand, but the next day ideas kept striking me...
Fantastic!! (I can't believe you took me seriously.) I love it. It's just like the MtG generator except I understand it! --Rachael
Usual Generator caveats apply. Some of these will be insanely overpowered or underpowered; keep hitting Refresh till you get one you like.

Feel free to comment, edit or contribute.

BNF: AlexChurchill/PuertoRicoBuildingGenerator

bnf ::= buildingtext

buildingtext ::= During phasewithobject phase, optionalcost receive an extra thingtoreceive for each mayberelevantobject . | When you playerverb , optionalcost maybeyoumay extraaction | optionalcost you may normallyprohibitedaction | optionalcost you may timespecificaction specifictime | optionalcost you do not have to undesirableaction

optionalcost ::= nothing | nothing | nothing | nothing | nothing | "you may sacrifice a" countableobject ". If you do,"
phasewithobject ::= mayor <relevantobject::=colonist> | craftsman <relevantobject::=craftsmangoodnumber> | trader <relevantobject::=doubloonyouhaveorgained> | captain <relevantobject::=captaingoodnumber> | settler <relevantobject::=quarryorplantationyouhave>
mayberelevantobject ::= relevantobject | relevantobject | countableobject "you have"

craftsmangoodnumber ::= "type of good you produced" | "of the good you produced most of"
captaingoodnumber ::= "type of good you shipped" | "of the good you shipped most of" | "of the good you discarded most of"

quarryorplantationyouhave ::= quarryorplantation "you have"
quarryorplantation ::= quarry | plantation
doubloonyouhaveorgained ::= "doubloon you have afterwards" | "doubloon you had beforehand" | "doubloon you gained"
thingtoreceive ::= "good of a type you produce" | colonist | doubloon | "VP chip"
countableobject ::= doubloon | good | building | colonist | quarryorplantation 

playerverb ::= "build a building" | "choose a plantation" | "choose a role" | "make a shipment" | "discard a good" | "trade a good"
extraaction ::= "take a" thingtoreceive | "move" smallnumber "of your colonists" | "trade a" thingtoreceive "for a" thingtoreceive

normallyprohibitedaction ::= "ship in a ship containing different goods" | "trade a good already in the trading house" insteadoforaswellas "your normal trade" | "take a quarry" insteadoforaswellas "your normal plantation" | "ignore quarry restrictions"
undesirableaction ::= "ship goods" | "discard at the end of the captain phase"
timespecificaction ::= "take a" thingtoreceive | "rearrange your colonists" | "trade a good" | "make a shipment" | "build a building" | "take a" quarryorplantation

specifictime ::= "when you choose a role" insteadoforaswellas "your action for that phase" | "at the end of each round" | "at the" startorend "of the" phasename "phase" insteadoforaswellas "your action for that phase"

phasename ::= settler | builder | mayor | craftsman | trader | captain | prospector
startorend ::= start | end
maybeyoumay ::= nothing | "you may"
insteadoforaswellas ::= "instead of" | "as well as"
smallnumber ::= one | two | three

nothing ::= ""

Interesting and/or silly results

During settler phase, receive an extra doubloon for each colonist you have .
This particular expansion evidently comes with doubloons in higher denominations for all the massive extra income...

you may trade a good at the start of the trader phase instead of your action for that phase

When you make a shipment , trade a doubloon for a doubloon
I've seen the subtly more useful version, "trade a good you produce for a good you produce". --AC

Okay, this is way too powerful:
 During settler phase, receive an extra doubloon for each quarry or plantation you have . 
you may ignore quarry restrictions
When you build a building , take a doubloon

Erm, wah!:
 you do not have to discard at the end of the captain phase 
During mayor phase, receive an extra good of a type you produce for each colonist .
During captain phase, receive an extra colonist for each of the good you shipped most of .

That's meant as three *different* buildings, not one! But for the rest of it: yep, seems about right ;) It could do with another template or two. I've wondered about something starting with "maybeyoumay put one thingtoreceive on this" but not figured out how to finish it. Thing is there's not many to start with; I've already seen the Small Market, the Harbour, and the Construction Hut, and variations on the Factory and Small Factory; and I can't really make a template around unique things like the Guesthouse, the Library or the Forest Hut... --AC
Three buildings? Ah. That makes them a lot less overpowered.


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