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Random page for conducting conversations with people on the Wiki about random things:

SunKitten - thanks for letting me stay on Saturday.  I was sorry to miss you guys in the evening (I don't know when you got back).  I fed the cat lots and put lots of water in her bowl (she's probably really full if somebody else was doing it too).  However, she did not run around or try and climb on me or anything - I think the weather might be a bit much for her.  Fudge was lovely :-).  Was the anime convention good?
I was about to email :) You're very welcome, and thanks for feeding Pixel - I think the lady who was supposed to be doing it didn't turn up (I hope she's OK; she's usually very reliable). Pixel has been very hot recently but she doesn't like the air conditioner :/ We got back at about 7:15pm. The con was great fun but so tiring - we couldn't lie in much 'cause it was too hot and too noisy ^^;; so I'm tired and going home soon - SunKitten
Pixel is such a kawaii name for a cat! Most cute :) - CorkScrew (spontaneously overcome by cuteness)

Oooh, I'm glad I actually fed her, and didn't just assume she was eating so quickly that I wasn't seeing food.  She seemed very hot, and just sat around looking mopey, and err, hot :-).  If I'd known you'd be back so early, I'd have attempted to be around at that time.  I thought you'd be back much later!  The car broke down again, but luckily this time the AA fixed it in the afternoon, so that was a bit of a hassle, but it didn't take long to fix!  Will you be around next week?
We didn't expect to be back that early. We will be around next week, yes :) Your poor car... ours is feeling poorly as well (MoonShadow, have you booked the garage?) - SunKitten

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