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The Anita Blake novels by Laurell K. Hamilton are set in a dark reflection of our world where vampires have been legalised in America?, [WereWolves] are discriminated against and animators raise the dead for law firms and will readings; and there's Anita Blake, licensed vampire executioner, animator, the woman the vampires call THE EXECUTIONER - although you wouldn't think it just to look at her.
Or, really, from what she does in the books: her hardness is talked about far more often than it's actually demonstrated.

Anyway, the books tell the story (from her point of view) of the increasingly worse things she has to deal with; and, of course, the complete messing up of anything remotely normal in her life. Each one is based around a whodunit with an extremely obvious answer, in the course of solving which Ms Blake has to trot around the usual locations: Vampire clubs, graveyards, and a lot of increasingly gory murder scenes.

There are 11 books at the moment, but I think there's another one out soon. You do need to read them in order - if you just pick one up at random it will probably confuse you a lot.

I have not enjoyed the most recent two, but did like "Guilty Pleasures", "Lunatic Cafe" and "Blue Moon" --Pallando

OP = Steve

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