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A quick example of my doodling
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what do you think?
Hi people this is my first actual edit on the wiki i've been poking around it for a bit and reading PhoenixFeathers of course. I can already see free time(such as it is) spiralling into it, but what the hell like I need sleep anyway.
I've also been going to WednesdayAnime yep I'm that Steve.
You'll have to excuse my writing sometimes because I can't spell for shit, but I read a lot. Nuts to those teachers who said if you can read well you can write well, huh?
some stuff about me
My names Steven Monk although I sometimes go by the net alias Halaku
I'm 20(aparently) as of last sunday
I live in a shitty little village called glemsford(it's somewere between sudbury and haverhill)
glemsford is home to vandels, old biddys and farmers, lots of farmers, lots of farmers with shotguns.(I'm not kidding)
the one redeming feture is that it contains about six pubs.
I should hopefully have something that resembles a very short comic done sometime next week that I'd like to post on the wiki if thats ok?
Can be contacted [here]
Yay I have a website [here]

For those who are interested or just bored /AnimeLibrary         

My WebComic list is expanding to fast, give it a few more weeks and it will overrun my computer but here's a list of the best(in my opinion).
in no particular order (there may even be comments at some point)

Sea of insanity (http://fractuslux.keenspace.com/)
6x9 College (http://sixbyninecollege.keenspace.com/)
Shifters (http://shifters.keenspace.com/)
Mac Hall (http://www.machall.com)
Loserz (http://loserz.scribblekid.org/)
Angels 2200 (http://angels2200.com)
College Roomies from Hell (http://www.crfh.net)
saturnalia (http://saturnalia.keenspace.com/)
Black Tapestries (http://blacktapestries.keenspace.com)
MaintainMe - at some point I (well, someone) ought to copy these into WebComics.  Also, ToDo: Read the ones of that list that I don't already :)  And Hiiiiiiii!  --Vitenka
Hiya :)  Your spelling seems fine to me ^^ Crash space should be available; we'll see when we organise which weekend it is - SunKitten
Hi, and thanks, also I have a spellchecker open in the background - Steve

Anyone who is interested in modern vampire, WereWolf? or occult stories should read the AnitaBlake novels. On second thoughts, everyone should read them. They're brilliant, or at least I think so. 

I'm off to calgary in october and I was wondering if anyone knew any places, people or events that would be interesting, also if any regular WednesdayAnime goers would like anything (within reason) just ask you never know you might get lucky. 




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