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I had to go look it up to [confirm it] but all a clinostat does is turns the sample over from time to time - like growing a corkscrew cress.  --Vitenka

It's actually the absence of a negative-energy GravityMachine? (formed by the promotion of a GravityMachine? from such a state by, say, a photon of sufficient energy). The 'hole' thus created in the ground state acts like a GravityMachine? with positive energy but the opposite interactions. If it comes into contact with a GravityMachine?, the GravityMachine? will fall into the negative-energy state, appearing to annihilate with the AntiGravityMachine. --Requiem being helpful
Ah, similar to the theory of VirtualPears?, one assumes.  --Vitenka
Would that be PearCreation?, then? --Requiem
If that's the pun I think it is, I sketched it on the back of my pad of paper during one lecture (of the appropriate type). I believe the culprit was a banana. With a gun. --CH

See also CategorySolarPlanet; Google: vomit comet; InSpace

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