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Hmm, about time I updated this page, I guess.

I'm Antony, sometimes known as GreenOpal, a student at ImperialCollegeLondon, studying Maths. I'm the younger brother of the eponymous AlexChurchill; I'm told we have very little in common.
Or maybe not...
Oooh! What's AlexChurchill the title of, since he's eponymous?
A series of novels JKRowling is working on when she gets bored of the HarryPotter books.  From what I've heard they're supposed to be pretty good and there have already been several offers on the movie rights.  They're having trouble casting the SunshineBuddy however... --K

I'm a big fan of MagicTheGathering, as well as a fairly wide range of Anime.

I like fish.

After years of dreaming/intending to go to CambridgeUniversity, I was somewhat set back in my plans by failing to make it in. I moped around for a while, then decided to go to London instead. But in all those years, I got to know some various Wikizens in Cambridge, which is why I still lurk around here occasionally looking for something interesting to sink teeth into.

Hmm... that'll do :)


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