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..runs a small pottery in Scotland, where he makes clay lampshades. Book? What book? I don't read fantasies, they're for kids. I've got work to do.

A series of books about a wizard named HarryPotter. In the first one, HarryPotter and the Philosopher's Scone, we're introduced to HarryPotter and his arch-enemy Ben Landosa. (In the U.S, this book was called HarryPotter and the Saucer Of Stone, because Americans aren't sufficiently classically educated to understand the reference to Aristotle's fruit buns, which were the reason he could drink anyone under the table, and also the reason he had to fake his suicide with hemlock, as people were becoming suspicious about his longevity). In the second book, HarryPotter and the Chamberpot Of Secrets, the headmaster of Harry's school, an elderly wizard named Dusseldorf, gives Harry a family heirloom he'd been looking after for Harry's dead father: a chamberpot made by an a great-great-grandfather who really was a potter. But the chamberpot isn't all that it seems! In the third book, HarryPotter and the Prisoner Of Afghanistan, Harry and his friends sneak into Guantanamo to talk to a man being held captive there, but they're not prepared for the information he can give them: "I am Ben Landosa" is an anagram of "OsamaBinLaden?"! In the fourth book, HarryPotter and the Gobbet Of Fire, Harry is alarmed when Hagrid starts spitting sparks. Is he turning into a dragon? The fifth book, HarryPotter and the Order of the Pheonix, tells what happens when Harry discovers that a mythical bird which can't spell has got hold of his credit card details and is using them on Amazon! In book six, HarryPotter and the Half-Blood Prints, the eponymous hero is suspected of being behind a series of gruesome clay-daubed murals incorporating the body-parts of murdered first years.

Note - if someone wants to move this to /Spoilers?, please do so.

(SeeAlso the Uncyclopedia? [Biography of Harry Potter].)
Which has a wonderfully ScatterGun? approach to the subject.  Some misses, but some gems, such as France and "The series was attacked by religious groups, not because they were insecure about the mentioning of magic stuff, but because the books were published with a fine leather binding with gold trim in a manner similar to the Bible, which made them feel insecure."  --Vitenka

SeeAlsoAlso [1], on HarryPotter and StarWars. --AC

Anyone know what's up with the 'adult edition'/'children's edition' thing? Is this a sensible response to a book which needed some mature themes, but would also be read by rather young children no matter what, or is it just a different cover? -- TheInquisitor

It's just a different cover, so people won't be embarrassed to read it on the tube... -- M-A
Actually, I thought it was a shameless money grab.  With at least one of the books, all the adult edition was was the same book, with a plainer grey-brown cover so that people wouldn't realise 'you' (the severe suited business man on the commuter train to london) were reading a kiddies book full of wizards and such.  Though the fits of giggling may have been a give away.
Damn.  Simultaneous edits. --Vitenka
Why shameless money grab? They cost the same ^^; --MoonShadow
You buy one for the kids, think it might be fun to read as well, but don't want to be seen reading it, so you buy a second copy, in the "Adult" edition, to hide behind... M-A

Damn WebSquatter?.  --Vitenka
Oh well, wherever the fic was - reading it before you read book six gives a very odd mental continuity.  Very odd.

A prime source of Fanfiction crimes against humanity, especially when Harry by Hermione is involved.  You may substitute Draco Malfoy wearing leather for the above ship.

Oddly enough, I used to squee over the possibilities of Hermione by Ron a lot, assuming they were forshadowing some FrighteninglyCute SlapSlapKiss

...Then I read Half-Blood Prince, and stopped liking the ship. --TsundereLightning

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See also: [The Hammer of Wizards]

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