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Bee Eff Gee.

Big Fragging Gun.

Doom had the BFG-9000 (which, doubtless, someone will detail the extremely strange physics of) - a green globby gun that blew up an entire room.

Well, if you insist... It fires a green blob, which does a bit of damage to whatever it hits.  When it hits, it fires out 40 damage traces (much like the shotgun, only with more, and more painful, traces) from your character, in the direction you were facing when you fired the weapon. -- NickTaylor, wondering what the designers were using for inspiration

The story runs that it's a bug.  Initially it was supposed to fire out the tracers when fired.  These became the green tracers that emanate from the blob which look deadly but aren't.  But the code for doing damage was left in - so invisibly it does the damage the way you just described.  It's a bug, but a very cool one so they decided to keep it.  In usual use it works as expected anyway - blowing up everything in a room.  --Vitenka

QuakeTwo? introduced us to the wonder of the BFG-10k, its upgraded bigger brother.  Which was more predictable and less fun.

DoomThree is coming soon...

Also, Big Friendly Giant, a book by RoaldDahl? IIRC. ISBN 0141311371
Also, the card (either Big Fragging or Fracking Gun) found in NetRunner... --Jumlian

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