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From the swahili - "Boa Ties" - people who have a snake wrapped around their neck, then are thrown into a river to drown.

A tradition which the UniversityOfCambridge is proud to continue to this day.

One of the boaties' proudest oral traditions is the Sword Myth (see LadyMargaretBoatClub page).
According to Requiem's sources, this is wrong on several counts. But who cares? The second story is more likely, though; LMBC were censured for an incident involving the death of a rower from another college, due to the boat not having a bow-ball.

Requiem is a boatie. It's more addictive than [insert stuff here].
Swallowing jarfuls of live pyranhas?-- King DJ

King DJ is a boatie, though not a very good one.....--puts on Monty Python voice-- but he's getting better.
PaulPower has heard the tales of horror from King DJ, and is glad he is a Cricketer?, though not a very good one, instead.

CorkScrew is a boatie, but has atrociously bad technique resulting in him being the worst in a boat where everyone else is a foot shorter than him :( CorkScrew prefers juggling, martial arts, books and (lately) anime.

Edith is not a boatie but wanted to appear here anyway.
Consider this an open invitation to teach you how to use an erg (rowing machine) --Requiem

CURSWiki: Androidkiller is a boatie, just not for Michaelmas 05 due to wanting to do something different for a while

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