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King DJ is the online name of Jack Levell, a 3rd year natural scientist from ChurchillCollege. He thinks of himself as having the D&D alignment Lawful Neutral. He is an atheist and doesn't like anime (with the possible exception of AzumangaDaioh), however he does roleplay which is probably the reason his presence on the Wiki is tolerated.

Goes from being a Fascist to a Communist and back again at least 6 times a year.

Also one of the Boaties Rowing for Churchill M5. Also a frequent attendee at RandomSports and GamesEvening .

He is almost entirely but not quite exactly unlike a MathMo, apparently.

Also a Mac addict.

His stance on ID cards is coloured by the hoops he has to (and is unable to) jump through to open bank accounts, get driving licences and other useful things in the UK. His key requirement being for a system which is compatible with or functions equivalently to the European ones.

I was recently playing a character called Oberon in Requiem's Exalted campaign "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" although I am more of a D&D player and have run a Campaign set in Faerun on Dragon Coast under the title "[Tipping The Scales]".

Currently running a D&D game about a bunch of heratics being hunted down by the inquistion called [Children of Tia].

I have recently created a new Dragon Blooded character for Candle called Ledaal Demili. A wood aspect poet and socialite (look out Tulas)!

A new "Dragon Blooded" character. Just like a certain other "Dragon Blooded". Next, Artan will reveal he's actually a Lunar in disguise O_O -- Xarak
Artan's an Iselsi^WAbyssal isn't he? -- Senji
Just try and remmember what you know in character and what you don't- King DJ

Alright, so she's more than just an ordinary Dragon Blooded; but she doesn't like to brag.
Go on then, do tell us... -- Senji

Ok then, everybody knows now anyway. Demili is actually a resplendent destiny maintained by the Exalted/Sidereal Lavender Tranquility?.

For some of the more amusing things that have been said in campaign visit Requiem/CandleQuotes.


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