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The best thing since well before sliced bread. Book vouchers are guilt-free money; one can go into a bookshop and buy books with them but because they can only be spent on books, one needn't feel guilty for buying books rather than food, soap, or any other frivolous necessity. People often, for some reason, feel guilty about giving a book voucher as a gift, but they are a very good way of giving a book without getting it wrong.

Any spare BookVouchers needing a home are welcome with SunKitten and MoonShadow; we promise they will be appreciated and have a happy life with us (see HomeForUnwantedBookVouchers) ^^

Didn't they always use to be called Book Tokens?  --AlexChurchill
Book tokens and book vouchers are all offered safe haven at the HomeForUnwantedBookVouchers :)

I always thought they were BookTokens, and shall continue calling them such.  As for not wanting to give them as a gift - it's like saying: "Here, I know nothing about you, or what you like, so I thought I'd just satisfy the forms of the thing and present you with something impersonal"  Not that I'd usually take the time to work out why I don't want to do something, but that appears to be my AfterTheFact reason.  --Vitenka
I can see the reasoning there.  However, it's good to know that in SunKitten's or MoonShadow's case, it won't be taken as impersonal; rather the opposite, it'll indicate that you know them well enough to know that they really appreciate BookTokens :):)  --AlexChurchill

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