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Cambridge University WarGaming Society.

Founded by Nick Sturge, the supreme Patriarch for Life.

NoNoNoNoNo.  You should not utter the name of the Ultimate and Unlimited Primarch in so irreverent a manner, lest your dice always roll unfortunately --Jumlian
Familiarity breeds, err, familiarity, I guess. :) -- Senji
You were virtually on the committee, y'know.  No use hiding.  --Jumlian
More importantly, I'd already known the Ultimate and Unlimited Primarch for some years before I even went to Cambridge (and mainly in the context of wargames, too). -- Senji
Fair do's.  I remember the exact wording for his Primarchness 'coz I was once president, and it doesn't do to forget such things (namely, people point and laugh at the pitiable constitutional knowledge of the president).  Do you remember the year that CUSU tried to cause some controversy by putting CUWGS into the "religious societies" section of the societies fair?  Didn't work as they intended as half the people running the CUWGS stall were also running the surrounding stalls.... ;-) --Jumlian 

Having thought about it, I think I may have repeated the error that led much of the membership to point at me and decry my poor knowledge of the constitution.  Oh well.  Old habits die hard --Jumlian

I still remember the membership lists... MuHaHaHa.  All this is enshrined in the CUWGS constitution.  Just above the bit where it says that should CURS ever succeed in getting FeatherstoneCastle? moved to Trinity Great Court then the CUWGS committee is to be held responsible for the immediate manufacture of siege weaponry and the society as a whole responsible for the laying of a siege until the castle is surrendered....  --Jumlian
Yes, I was reminding bits of the committees of those provisions the other week.  Wasn't it The largest calibre weaponry available? -- Senji
I do recall there being a clause like that.  Oops.  There was also a large clause designed to fix the MagicTheGatheringProblem?, which at the time bugged both CURS and CUWGS, and probably directly resulted in the group of MagicTheGathering players that congregated at the Druids, although that preceded my tenancy, I recall.--Jumlian
DeckSoc? were perhaps the most incompetant society I've ever seen.  They managed not to turn up to the second day of SocietiesFair? one year, having left their sign-up sheets behind the previous day. -- Senji

Quote from the Ultimate and Unlimited Primarch: "Has anyone got another 42 D6's?"  (Holding coffee jar filled with over 90 already).  --Jumlian, Nostalgia.

CambridgeIlluminati stats for CUWGS
Power 1
Resistance 3 (disorganised)
Income -1
Gown, Eccentric, Geeky, Fanatic, & Weird. 
Special rule:  If CURS supports an action, CUWGS will oppose it.  Not out of any clash of ideology, as the memberships overlap, but out of sheer BloodyMindedness?

Flavour text: 
Student- "Wargaming.  That's like Paintballing, right?"
Committee- "No.  But come along anyway."''



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