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http://www.uk.research.att.com/cgi-bin/dailyWeatherHistory-cgi gives information on past weather in Cambridge, rather than the forecasts - much more easily found.  I was able to discover for example, that the wind I was out in last night (31st Jan 04) was indeed higher (both mean speed and highest gusts) than in October 2002 when such a fuss was made and things like roofs got blown off, even though I'm not aware of any great damage this time.  Strange stuff, wind...

I point out that only roofing built between 02 and 04 should be vulnerable to a wind as powerful as the 02 one...  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) That doesn't necessarily follow.
Well, there is some degradation over time - but not a vast amount.  Most of the vulnerable stuff would have already been wrecked and repaired.  And probably a lot of 'not quite wrecked' stuff would have been battenned down too.  --Vitenka
I think this may be overlooking a lot of the capriciousness of the wind.  I guess different storms produce their strongest gusts in different places, and at different strengths.  Structures are also unlikely to be isotropic in their susceptibility to wind damage... --MJ
If the wind does not obey ACID principles, it needs to be recreated until it does :)  --Vitenka
Complain to the management not me! :)  --MJ

SeeAlso SnowStorm, HeatWave, TooDammHot

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