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GamesConventions? are regularly held in Cambridge.

For example:


A British roleplaying convention to be held at
New Hall, Cambridge, UK.
from the 1st to 3rd August 2003.


Attending membership costs 25 (and covers the full 3 days)

(reduced cost day memberships may be available on the door)

  1. A Cambridge game should be incomprehensible to anyone outside of the KnownUniverse.
  2. Those from the KnownUniverse should claim to be able to understand it.
  3. The OtherPlace? should be referred to mockingly.
  4. Tanya has never played the game before.
  5. By convention, Tanya wins.

Alternatively (depending on who you know),
4. Angoel invented the game.
5. By convention, Angoel wins.

Is this page actually useful?  I suspect that anything put here will get out of date, so it's probably better put on a page which is slightly more actively maintained such as Events. --Angoel

Cambridge CategoryGames; see also Events

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