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[Some would say ]Cambridge and its environs. Suffused throughout with the CambridgeAura, housing the UniversityOfCambridge and the very definition of CambridgeLife.

Maps of the KnownUniverse (e.g. at MapOfTheUniverse, if you consider ArcaneStuffFromTheDawnOfTime?) traditionally have MythicalBeasts? in the areas beyond the boundaries - signalling the RealWorld and all its horrors.  (Such as the MoorsBeast and GreenPaperTigersWithWings - or, even worse RealLife)

Plus every wiki should contain the known universe.

Where is the UnknownUniverse? then? - ColinLeung
Well if we knew then there wouldn't be a problem, would there.  --Angoel

A long way away.
In a galaxy long ago?  --Vitenka
Possibly, but not necessarily. The long way is relative. For example, I'm not sure that the core of Mars would count as part of the KnownUniverse.
Although if it were sufficiently far enough away, it would be impossible to work out whether it was long ago or not. --Admiral
(PeterTaylor) Only if you know sufficiently well how far away it is. ;-)
Um. Not as far as I see. As long as you know it is outside your causality cone (ie it is further away than the distance light could travel in the time difference), then it is impossible to know whether the event is in your past or your future, because it will appear to be different according to one's viewpoint. --Admiral
(PeterTaylor) I hoped that winking would be sufficient. Should I have added TIAJ?
It's in the basement of TrinityHall.  --Vitenka
The core of Mars, or the UnknownUniverse?? --MJ
Yup.  --Vitenka

CategoryPlace, CategoryCosmology, CategoryEssentialForLife

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