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A manga and anime, orignally by CLAMP

As poor as it is, CCS is one of the most famous animes in Britain, but only because they showed the dubbed (and heavilly edited version) under the name 'Cardcaptors'.  Not quite as famous here as Pokemon and Digimon, but not all that far off (slightly more famous than 'Monster Ranchers' and about the same as the dreaded SailorMoon, if anyone cares).
It's the story of a girl named Sakura, and deals with her search to control the Clow Cards, an ancient magic she released by mistake, with the help of a living teddybear named Kero (but he can turn into a cool winged lion guardian thing, but that's getting ahead of the story).  Sakura also has a lot of friends and relatives who help her.  I don't know their names in CCS, but in Cardcaptors there was her best friend Madison, her big brother Tory, Tory's best friend Julian, on whom Sakura has a massive crush, the enigmatic Lee and his childhood friend... er, sorry forgotten her name.  It's a while since I saw any of it.  Might be Mae-lin.  Anyway, it's all an excuse for a girl to go around in frilly and inpractical dresses and hit things with a stick.  CCS has some slightly more adult-rated tendaencies, but nothing more than suggestions really.
*twitchtwitch* Sakura's brother is Touya and his friend is Yukito.  Sakura's video-loving friend is Tomoyo and the Chinese boy is Li (first name Shaoran).  The Chinese girl is Meiling. */twitchtwitch*
Why is the chinese girl melting?  --Vitenka
She's jealous of Tomoyo. ;) - MoonShadow

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