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MikeJeggo's local.  One of not very many pubs to get a 'recommended' tag in [Cambridge Pubs] website, up alongside the likes of the CambridgeBlue.  Has a nice lounge bar with comfy chairs and (at least last Thursday) seemed to be exclusively inhabited by CompScis apart from MikeJeggo and AlanRoberts.  Food comes in reasonable quantity, pretty good quality and very reasonable prices.  A selection of RealAles? is served.  I'd say Cambridge Pubs website got it pretty much right :) --MJ


Also has Belgian beers including a decent trappist brew. Gets my vote. --Requiem

But no nice cider (and being exclusively inhabited by CompScis is not a good thing either). Still as pubs go it's all right. --ChiarkPerson
CompScis tend to be quiet and let you mind your own business.  This is an advantage :) --MJ
They rotate specials, they had nice cider until recently (that may have changed or you may have to ask), I believe that being over-run with compsci's is especially true on a thursday night as this has become somewhat a tradition, and they're not *all* CompScis in general...
I've seen nice cider there, in bottles, next to the Belgian beer. --Requiem
They have nice cider that hasn't run out more often now. --ChiarkPerson

They take ages to serve food: today just under an hour without pre-ordering, 25 minutes with pre-ordering. ISTR it took about an hour last time I ate there too. --Rachael

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