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Carry On films were produced over the course of several decades (1958 - 1978, plus "Carry on Columbus" in 1992)

They all have the same basic plot line though, or at least low level of plot.  They tend to focus rather more on the one-off jokes, mostly slapstick or innuendo. --MJ

Is this fair?

More than.  You could mention that they featured the same core cast - generally playing the same characters, though with no continuity.  And if you're really that interested, there's a magazine out that gives away a free dvd of an episode each issue for under a tenner.  --Vitenka

It comes across as rather harsh, IMO.  The plot lines are hugely varied from film to film, although the actors usually play similar characters.  And you haven't seen innuendo until you've seen a CarryOnFilm... --M-A
Oo-er --Edith
Oooh, Matron.
Titter ye not missis!
I thought that line came from UpPompeii??
I thought it was more attributable to Frankie Howerd than to any specific series, and he is well known for both series.


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