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Very silly.  Very cool.
Seconded.  A magnificent movie! --AlexChurchill

Physics?  That's something to do with the RealWorld isn't it?  Don't need any of that here.

Oh, and all of Miyazaki's main female characters really do look the same, don't they...

It hadn't actually registered that Miyazaki had something to do with Lupin.. - MoonShadow

As for the bad guy...  Let's just say he ran out of time, ne?

Oh, I forgot:  I'm hardly an expert on translation but I was developing something of a twitch every time they translated "ouji-sama" as "Mr. Thief"...  :(
Hehe.  Well, yeah.  On the flip side, Japanese translation will always have some interpretive element to it, and that was how Lupin introduced himself to the girl who kept calling him ouji-sama.  I suspect they were wanting to give a distinct voice to the different characters.  Most notably in a sequence of Lupin: "Sayonara!" - person: "Sayonara!" - Lupin: "Sayonara!".  Which was subbed "Adieu!" - "Goodbye!" - "Adieu!"  Presumably to line up with the way the same group subtitled Lupin during the series, or some such.  It did have a definite "YouWhat??" factor, though.  --AlexChurchill
Is the fact that Lupin is supposed to be French maybe why he said 'adieu'?  Just a thought...


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