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Apparently, they run Cambridge.

Ask AngelaRayner for details some time.
What kind of protection a cat would ever need, anyway? They are perfectly capable in feeding and living on their own.
They have something of a blindspot when it comes to cars - or at least to the concept of cars as something other than a stationary WarmSunnySpot or CoolShadySpot?.  --Vitenka (So, the CPL sponsors traffic jams, I presume)
Surely this means a protection league run by cats (since cats themselves don't need the protection). -- Admiral
Don't you mean protection racket?  i.e. Feed me or I shred your sofa! --Jumlian
The accurate quote is: "Give me your curry, or I will eat your face."  --Vitenka  (And yeah, a protection racket makes more sense for the original quote.)

Being serious for a moment, the CPL runs rescue shelters - and at least in other countries is having its hands full trying to prevent the spread of FIV.  (AIDS for kitties) - since feral cats and domestic cats mix it up so readily, keeping the disease down in the feral population is important if Mrs Atkins' fwiffy-foo is to stay uninfected.  --Vitenka

And, back to the more important stuff.  "Nice sofa you've got there.  Be a real shame if someone were to ... shed on it.  Sofas get fluffy so easily, you know."  --Vitenka

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