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Much less interesting than demons, as Milton found.

Click the title to find any angelic beings that happen to be on the wiki. In addition, on the principle that MagicTheGathering must colonize all the pages it can, I am obligated to add: like [this].
Hmm, she's a classic, I guess.  But as pure angelic art goes, I prefer the [Melesse Spirit] or [Radiant, Archangel]...  (as always, open links in new window to see the art)  --AlexChurchill
It was "she's a classic" I was going for (read:first Angel that occurred to me). For angelic art, I prefer [Reya, Dawnbringer], she's more erm, angelic, I think. I note in passing that the [Voice of Grace] appears to have escaped from PhoenixFeathers, and that [Tormented Angel] and the [Voice of Reason] are also quite nice.
The [Portal Angel of Mercy] and [Angel of Light] are both lovely art, but the more recent printings aren't so nice.  [Herald of Serra] is also rather pretty art.  But re the Voice of Grace being a PhoenixFeathers escapee... QuestionMark?  Is that in that she's sitting on what appears to be some Cambridge college's wall?  --AlexChurchill
Well, yes I suppose it is, but it was more the general pose and facial expression. The Voice of Grace definitely looks like she's faced the trials of a being a female character in PhoenixFeathers in the day that painting was done.

[Serra was banned]? Is that just because it rotated out, or was it genuinely considered too powerful?
Looking at the sets it appeared in, my first guess is that it rotated out. I'd need to check the dates to be sure - but AFAIK, it's no longer considered to be one of the most efficient creatures around. (I've seen it argue that it was, once). Oh, and my favourite, possibly: [Wayward Angel] -- TheInquisitor
Hehe, yes.  The MTG: Serra Angel who becomes a MTG: Lord of the Pit when you hit threshold.  Not particularly pretty art, though.  If you really want black angels, then for art I prefer [Crypt Angel] or [Desolation Angel].  --AC
I don't think I like any of the dark angels. [Selenia] is quite a nice piece (fits the flavour text well), but even that doesn't really fit. -RA


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