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SettlersOfCatan (or DieSiedlervonCatan?) is a game involving a hex grid, villages, cities and roads.  It's great fun, and I can't really do justice to it.

Published by Mayfair? in the EnglishLanguage and by Kosmos? in the GermanLanguage?

Personally I prefer the sets made by Kosmos? -- Senji
I don't think you're the only one, having played with a number of Germans. -- TheInquisitor

There are quite a number of "Catan games" in the series:
AlexChurchill: It's quite good fun. It plays quite like Starfarers. It may be prone to "an early lead grows exponentially", though, even more so than the other Settlers variants: because as players explore the world, Africa becomes desertified and produces fewer and fewer resources. Only those with settlements in the rest of the world can avoid this. Although, on the flip side, building any settlement after your fifth (and you start with three) loses you one of your earlier ones, so maybe it's not exponential.
TheInquisitor: See /SettlersOfTheStoneAge for some thoughts of mine after playing it.

Unless you have a set of computer-dice-which-enforce-the-laws-of-probability available... for example on a Nokia 9210, like AlexChurchill and Qqzm :):) See /HouseRules for a download of a Windows program to let you use this excellent idea on earlier Catan games.

SeeAlso [3D Catan]... Me want!! --AC
Big. Pretty. Hand-painted. Very few of its kind exist. 275. - MoonShadow


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