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ElliottBelser is fond of making trailers for things that either Should Be A Movie, or alternately would be immensely amusing to see made into a movie.

Mostly these are adaptations of Anime, ComputerGames? or Cartoons? he liked as a kid / adult / maniac, and are always posted WednesdayEvening? on his livejournal at http://l_the_fangirl.livejournal.com - and the following Thursday here.

Please feel free to comment, and to RollYourOwn?.

So far:

/TengenToppaGurrenLagann and the sequel, /TTGLLiberateMeFromHell (SpoilerAlert?)

Guess what I'll convert next week from only a single tagline, and I'll post the name of the trailer and the person who correctly guessed. 

Next week's tagline:

"Only (he) has the guts to woo beautiful monsters and brave terrible princesses."

Anyone want to venture a guess?
I've mused on it, but can't think of anything. --AC
You're going to kick yourself come the morrow, then. -ElliottBelser
The Legend Of Zelda.  Ocarina Of Time, in particular (Remember her Highness Princess Rudo of the Zora?)
Someone is [way ahead of you] --SGB

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