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So far:

Angoel believes that there should be games from his collection also.  Please feel free to add requests...
Isn't it Tigris & Euphrates? --CH, ruining Vitenka's fun.
In German, it's Euphrat und Tigris. --M-A
Indeed.  I mean, if you want to play the nasty American version, be my guest ;) --Angoel
We've packed our Carcassonne - it has enough bits for two simultaneous games, should we want to do that. --SGB
ColinT suggests taking Angoel's copy as his is one oasis short of a full desert.

Are we assuming that the ColinT / Angoel axis is transporting most of the games as they have the car? We could bring games but if you've got them then it might make more sense for you to take... --Nat
I think that that's a safe enough assumption to make.  I would suggest that you bring Frank's Zoo, though.  That works nicely with larger numbers of players. --Angoel
This is certainly the plan. Current assumption is that I have more room in the car than I have patience-to-select-items-to-take, which may culminate in a disaster come packing day --ColinT
Frank's Zoo and Continuo both packed in suitcase, being small. All other packing pretty much done. --Nat

I am not knowingly taking:
Sadly I can't, as one of the projectors just failed today -- ColinT

Does anyone have terrain-based maps of the area for walking or cycling? I don't, and would like to have use of some!

Do we need to bring towels?
Angoel has said yes -- ColinT
No I haven't.  I said I was investigating.  Indeed, I've just got an email saying that towels, including pool towels, will be provided.  Although if you have specific towel requirements, I'm sure that your bringing your own would not cause problems. --Angoel
I thought you did at the time. You've confused me again. -- ColinT

You're going on a car trip and you're going to take... An ApplesToApples, A Bausack, a Croquet set, A Durch-die-Wuste, An Ellie (human and soft toy), A French map, a Good book, a Honda Civic, an Igloo game, a Jenga set, ...

Things I have already packed include:
Which games will you be bringing? -- SGB
Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Big Brain Academy and Sonic & Mario Olympic Games live in my Wii bag. I also have Ratatouille and Endless Ocean, which normally stay at home. If anyone has Warioware - Smooth Moves, then that would be worth bringing. Alternatively, I may try and borrow it from my office next week. -- ColinT.
Can do.  You have to finish Warioware to unlock the multi-player so I'll bring our save data for it.  I could also bring MarioKart, Excite Truck, Mercury Madness, Super Paper Mario, Wii Play or ZackAndWiki.  I'll also bring a controller with Ellie's, n-r's and my Mii; should I bring our other one? --SGB
Think MarioKart is supposed to be good? Feel free to bring whatever you like. I thought I'd reached the end of Warioware (I got the "game completed" bit), but strangely I never unlocked the multiplayer bit. If it's easier, I can send you my Wii number so you can send your Miis that way? (Less chance of hardware damage) -- ColinT
OK - we're 2203 1891 5257 2640.  --SGB
Have sent mine by email. Feel free to send some Miis! Not sure if any of the Wii sports stuff etc comes over, but I don't think it does (annoyingly) -- ColinT
Ta.  I've added yours this morning; if you've already added mine, I should be able to send the Miis over after the next time you turn your Wii on.  --SGB
Huh? --CH
http://www.fold.it/ -- ColinT
Oh, you're not bringing a computer to the getting-away-from-it-all trip, are you...

Various bits for a small child:

And I could take something from my /GamesCollection.
Do you have the 5-6 player expansion? --SGB?
Not as far as I'm aware - I thought of getting as a gift, but decided it was a bit on the pricy side.  --Angoel
I can bring it if people would like - it's for the Murmel version. --SGB
Sounds like a good plan - ColinT - is yours the Murmel version - alternatively, it may make sense to persuade SGB to bring the base set as well.  --Angoel
Mine is the Murmel version, for whatever purposes that may have! -- ColinT

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