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A SidMeier sim game, similar to Civilization, MasterOfMagic etc.
Sim-american-colonisation. A source of JustOneMoreTurnSyndrome.

An old classic that AlexChurchill has been addicted to at three different stages: about age 16, age 23 and age 31.

AlexChurchill writes:
There's also a remake using the Civilization IV engine, [Civilization IV: Colonization], which was released in 2008.
However, judging by several reviews, it looks like for pure gameplay, the original's better: of the changes between Col and C4Col, it looks like a few are deliberate enhancements (choosing your colonial government style), many are completely accidental omissions (Sea Lanes can be 12-20 squares from the map edge; the Customs House doesn't exist), and a few are failed attempts at reimplementations of the original rules (war against both the Indians and your parent country are apparently far, far more difficult).
There is a fanmade patch to address almost all these criticisms, but by that point one wonders quite what the point in buying the remake was.

CategoryComputerGames, TBS

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