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1. RTwo with a new rule for multiplication (and hence for division)

The complex plane is the CartesianRepresentation? of ComplexNumbers, and can be united with a point viewed as Infinity? to form the ExtendedComplexPlane, often depicted as the RiemannSphere.

2. An F16.
Surely F117s are far more complex?
Merely because F-117/As are more complex does not prevent F-16s from being complex, surely. Admittedly, the F-16 is about as simple as Western jet fighters get, mind. (StuartFraser, who even knows the designations for all of the F-things as well, due to a misspent youth/growing up next to an airbase).
It does not, but it does make it a poor choice for a definition, as opposed to an example, which is what this page gives the impression of providing.
Anything that can only fly because of continuous updates from its flight computer counts as complex.  But sure, go ahead and change it.

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