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Written by MoonShadow and Chediceni. Storyboarded by MoonShadow, drawn, inked and assembled by SunKitten, and walked on by Pixel.

Yay!  Do you lot have too much time free for drawing, or what?  It's good.  It's short, it's sour, I like it.  "One pinch only, and that a fmall one" is a lovely piece of period text.

Only thing that confuses me - what is the research of the title?

Actually, make that two - the ending is somewhat ambiguous about whether or not it cost mister black mask his life or not.  I'd guess that was intended though.  Don't answer that!  Especially don't say "Oooh, I hadn't thought of that."  I like not knowing ;)  --Vitenka

The end is intentional, and the research of the title is, um, well. We needed a title and I dreamed it up. Nobody else liked it but I was the one with the folder and nobody else could think of a good name so I stuck it on the folder and after a while everyone copied me ~.^
I suppose I was thinking of the research that had been done into the feather stone by the tutor. There was something else but I can't remember what... - SunKitten
You'll note that the first of the text stories starts Some research into our two mysterious friends...  This was the subject line of the email, as I recall, with which that text was sent, and the start of the lore surrounding Kay du Chaney and the MaskedMan.  I'm pretty sure the "Concerning Research" was a reference to that email subject line; possibly it may have been the subject line of the second text when it was sent round.  --AlexChurchill, with historian cap

Oh, and my parents can testify to the sheer amount of bouncing I did upon seeing that you'd finished the graphical version of this story.  Much much Yay!  It's well drawn.  It works well with the scarcity of text.  It's dark but not completely so.  It works.  --AC

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