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I seem to be somewhat good at this, on the spur of the moment.

Now, if I had several months free and a hard drive large enough to do wholesale DVD editing, we might get somewhere.

Somewhere terrifying, yes...  But somewhere.

C'mon.  TransFormers managed it, even Marvel managed it.  Sorta.

Planning on merging all anime in to one story?  That would be... interesting... *tries to think of two series that would clash on monumential proportions and decides to leave it as an exercise for the reader* - Kazuhiko

Urk.  I hadn't thought of that.  Besides, I'd say ExcelSaga got there first.  As an obvious sample clash, any two series where earth goes boom.

Nah.  You just make both events happen simultaneously...  And have a large team of people dedicated to the rebuilding of the TokyoTower... - Kazuhiko
Ah heck, the Godzilla series proves that the TokyoTower is a prefab that can be put back in a couple of weeks tops ;)

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