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Utter utter insanity.  Japanese television, distilled.

Excel is trying to take over the world.  In a different style of program each time.
The author of the manga is pressured in various ways into giving his permission to try the series in a style that will appeal to an audience.
Eventually he gives his permission for it to be about taking over the world again, and it ends.
But in the meantime, you get hilarious critiques of police shows, of historical dramas, of dating games and of war movies and Disney non-talking animal shows.  (Those two combine surprisingly well.  Yes I'm serious)

Random throwaway characters get their own sub-shows.  Eventually they impact the main plot, sorta.

Excel is enthusiastic and clueless.  Her sidekick dies several times an episode.  Her pet, Menchi, doubles as her terrified emergency food supply.  She is hopelessly in love with the dark lord of the organisation, who frankly couldn't care less.
Her opposition don't even appear to know she exists.

Notable scenes (apart from the menchi episodes, which are must see): The first episode, "AFRO?! NOOOO!", the star destroyer and the SpaceButler? and ThatGuy?.
I'm sorry, but I have to mention MunicipleForceDaitenzin? here as well, even if that's not how it's spelt.  Very, very amusing.  --FR

And the DVD is available!  And has been for a month.  Why did no one tell me?  ASIN B000065AYD . Two left. One left.. all gone ;)  --Vitenka (Found a new great joke in it - in /ElegyOfTheDogs the leader dog introduces himself as "My name is Takahashi, but the director calls me wolf.")

I love this.  The insanity reminds me what the world is really like...  --PHL4IVI3R1D3R--
... Your world is like ExcelSaga.  And you're not in uni yet.  ...  I'll keep an eye out for the explosions, shall I?  --Vitenka
...**manic laugh** Phear M3... --PHL4IVI3R1D3R


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