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Oooh ducky!

A vampire can be brought back to life, in a special ceremony, under a moonlit sky, needing only one special ingredient:  Ketchup?

Brought back to life as a stutterring veg-veg-vegetarian, the loony count duckula enjoys his life in a series of madcap adventures.

Sharing much the same CosgroveHall silliness as everything else, but with the additional benefit of being well animated.  (Animo puts in its very obvious appearence, IMHO)

The overly exuberant and, well, totally brain dead nanny.  The sarcastic tlaking Igor... this show had it all.

But it also seems to have a certain 'you had to be there' quality.  The show certainly hasn't seen many reruns, though I suppose there is still time to rediscover it.

It's also sort of hard to describe - mainly because your average episode plot would consist of "Duckula tries to get a sandwich.  In the ensuing silliness, the castle moves to Rome."

That sums it up very well -- Senji
But.. but...  {confused}  --Vitenka

Then again, try describing the 'plot' of "sylvester meets daffy duck".

Notable at least partly for a theme tune which very nearly made the following opening lines sound like they rhymed:
In the heart of Transylvania
In the vampire hall of fame, yeah
That's even worse that Wesley's Worse Whymes -- Senji
Until he was saved by a wandering priest / and that was the start of their pilgrimage quest.  Ahem.  --Vitenka

- "Men!  Tie 'em to the yard-arm!"
- "We ain't got a yard-arm, Cap'n.  I ate it last week"
- "Well, what 'ave we got?"
- "We got a comfy sofa."
- "I can't say, 'Tie 'em to the comfy sofa!"
- "It's all we got left, Cap'n!"
- "Very well.  Tie 'em to the... comfy sofa!"
Cap'n and Mister Mate, The Mutinous Penguins - PaulPower.

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