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Big boring creatures that sit in fields and eat grass. And Moo.

One good thing about them is that you can drive them to pasture.  You do this by holding a stick, and poking them with it when they attempt to eat grass the sides of the path on the way there.  Then you close the gate to keep them there until they need to come back in the evening.

Tell me, Angoel, do you know either AlanRoberts or ZoeLunnon??  I think they would both have an interest in this page and especially the first para.  Right, will don my FlameRetardantSuit and sit back and watch... ;) MJ

I don't believe I know them, and if they believe cows are the most interesting creatures on the planet, I'm not sure I want to know them ;) --Angoel
Such prejudice!! -- ColinT
Only one of them believes so.  The other tends to favour Sheep.  The debate is most entertaining to onlookers, and I believe keeps them suitably amused as office mates...

There are some concrete ones in MiltonKeynes.

I suppose the ElectronicBovineSquatters are also Cows.


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