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""~Denji's pretty much ranting page abnout anything!~""

my current rant is about an anime called magic users' club .its soooo addictive!!!

first of all, its extremly funny..i just love all the characters personalitys, they all basicly represent all the wrong things in a human! sae is extremly oblivious and clumsy, nanaka very bossy, takeo is genraly a geek.. akane is very well...not commited? and abaratsubo is proberly the only saine one! but, he is very girly ^^;;;.

still,m  apart from it being hilarious..it just got creepy! me and Bex were watching it yesterday..we agreed to watch one episode a night..yesterday it was.. "episode end...hey, lets watch the next episode..that epsiode end..okay, lets just watch one more episode...* by the end we were killing our mother for turning off the tv before she turned off the dvd player..
right now we are watching the tv series..its very weird and wonderfull!i get the theme songs stuck in my head >_<;;

dispatch your thoughts here, if you wish ^^;; this will be a ranting page ^^ --Denji


well,those who know me know i pretty much rant about how cool the music evanescence do >.> even if they do hate their fans!(yes,I saw the video!).so, anyways,here's to evanescence *hands out free alcohol that doesn't cost everything* and to dead ringers,who generally take the mick of george bush!

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