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"I want to be a magician".
Or possibly "I want to do magic"...  Anyone know which is closer? - Kazuhiko

Mahou==magic no problem.  Tsukaitai... Tsukaimasu is the affirmative non-past formal of Tsukau, to use.  Taking the masu stem (i.e. the dictionary form) tsukau and adding -tai could product a "want to" reading i.e. "I want to use magic" which is, in Japanese, indistinguishable from "I want to be a magician" given that Mahoutsukai used adjectivally is 'magic-using', and the subject and copular have been left out.  _But_ I suggest that the official English translation "magic-user's club" suggests that the -tai suffix is in fact the common contraction of "sentai" meaning team or club.  Do not underestimate the power of Japanese to mean all of these things at once.  Looking at the original Japanese doesn't help too much because the Tai bit is bizzarely written in Romanji.  Actually I think this probably means that it's not a -tai desiderative (which, as okurigana, would be written in hiragana), but rather an informal contraction of sentai.  So I vote for "Magic-using club"--Mjb67

Ohhh... This IS the one with the silly bell in it, then?

Mahoutsukai is used to mean "magic-user" in a lot of things (WitchHunterRobin and MahouTsukaiNiTaisetsuNaKoto spring to mind)... and now that I look, my Japanese dictionary actually has it in as a noun meaning "magician". Tai seems to be "group" in a lot of things (HanaukyoMaidTai?, for example...); my dictionary offers "tai: (n)  party; company; body (of troops); corps". Which isn't too far off... - tjm (And yes, it is indeed the one with the silly bell in it....)

There is a 6-episode /OAV?, and a 26-episode /TVSeries?.

The OAV is very pretty, in MoonShadow's opinion.
It's certainly very cute, and it has a certain crazinness that also appeals.  Maybe that's just because it's got a character who's completely not with it (and I'm sure someone will supply her name which I have forgotten) who stares dreamily about.  For some reason I relate well to such characters :)  --MikeJeggo
[Akane Aikawa] is the out-of-it girl you refer to.  She does manage impressive levels of disconnection from reality, although probably not quite as much as AzumangaDaioh's Osaka-san.
Thank you, whoever wrote that.  Perhaps this is an example why I feel such connection with these random airheads :) MikeJeggo
Well, I was thinking this when I filled in her name *grin*  --AlexChurchill

CategoryAnime. See also Japanese.

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