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*A man wearing a toga and badly constructed stage wings is lowered, somewhat jerkily, from the ceiling*

Um, I'm God.  Um, our story now draws to a close as I get the heroes out of their impossible to win situation, bless them with glory/wealth/girls/boys/deleteasappropriate (these are ancient greeks - delete none), and smite the bad guys.  Erm, yes.  And they all lived happily ever after.  Except the bad guys.  Obviously.

Your classical deus ex machina didn't always reward the 'good guys' and smite the 'bad guys', you know. The Greeks invented tragedy, remember.
True.  Cynical me might suggest that tragedy was invented because the winch mechanism broke one day and the good guys never got rescued, but I suspect it's actually the other way around, tragedies made palatable by taking on a happy ending.  --Vitenka  (Although all of this is a bit wrong, since the plays were to do with rituals and worship at least as much as they were with drama)

The End

Literally 'plans / actions of god'.

You what? Literally, 'god from the machine'. What kind of Latin do they teach children these days?
That's poetic interpretation, not literal.  {shrug}

Just to clear it up, 'plans/actions of god' is the poetic interpretation; 'god from the machine' is the literal translation.

You do realise that they don't teach children latin at all any more, right?
I learned Latin at senior school. Sat a GCSE in it. I think they still teach it - SunKitten
Oh, there is an option.  But the number of schools which offer the option is rapidly shrinking.  If they taught English properly I wouldn't really mind, since not that many people need to go on to study the classics in their original languages.  My meaning was that it's hardly a universal subject.  --Vitenka
Ah. You said 'don't teach latin at all' - SunKitten, nitpicking :)

That explains so much.
Lack of understanding of grammar and inability to speak latin, primarily - I would have thought.  --Vitenka
Also inability to do crosswords.

Less literally, DeusEx is a really rather good FirstPersonShooter with some puzzle and stats manipulation elements.  --Vitenka


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