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New!  Make your roses rosier than rose, your pinks pinker than pink.  NEW Revolutionary Girl - with:

The power to revolutionise the world!

It's been out for quite a while, actually. - MoonShadow
Bah, some people can't understand Commercial break humour ;)  -- Vitenka.

Origin of /TheChickSpeech.

Quote, of Akio: It would be sweet and romantic, were he not approaching being the devil incarnate.

Presumably it's snappier in the original?

Careful of Spoiler?s, please, for those of us who haven't seen all of the series --AlexChurchill

Don't worry too much.  I disagree with him anyway :) -- Kazuhiko

RevolutionaryGirlUtena/Movie gets a separate entry?  Despite being a rendition of the EntireSeriesInThirtySecondsWhilstOnCrack?  (Heh, that deserves to be an anime category of its own)  Guess I was spoiled by watching the movie first.  -- Vitenka.

Have you seen the whole series?  They are actually very different (although I can hardly object to the OnCrack? comment ^^;;)  You'll never look at your car in the same way again :) -- Kazuhiko

Well, the series is a lot more psychological about it, but if you don't mind reading imagery then the movie tells basically the same 'grow up you idiot' story.  And if you don't mind it being only eight and a half seconds long, you've even got the whole elephants subplot ;)  I massively prefer the movie.  It tells just enough story at just the right speed and still leaves you wondering if it meant what you thought it meant.  The series takes WEEKS to tell you that, in effect, it's all just a metaphor - whilst the movie makes it lovely and plain.  And has better one liners :)


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