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.hack//Legend Of Twilight's Bracelet in non-Wiki parlance. (Also known as .hack//DUSK)

Set in TheWorld, with SD characters.

For a summary (based on the first episode only) follow the warning: /ContainsMinorHackSignSpoilers

Before, after, during, totally alternate to .hack//SIGN
I'd guess after, but I'm probably wrong, the way I am with Liminality ^^; - MoonShadow

Just watched the intro and nearly suffered from sugar-overdose...  If I haven't watched past 12 of the original show, would it be a really bad idea to watch this? - Kazuhiko

There is very little relation to the characters from the original series, but there are a couple (so far; ep2) who do show up, at least one of whom may be very important. I don't know, to be honest. I haven't seen far enough in .hack//DUSK - SunKitten

Adventures of minigoddesses silliness or plot?
Silliness is certainly nowhere near AoM level. Hints of what might possibly later become plot, but you can never tell from just one episode. Give us another week ;) (or overtake us yourself).. MoonShadow thinks it's worth watching if you like the others.

Ah heck, I'll just go find it and watch it.  Doens't really matter what your answer is, I'd probably do that anyway :)

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