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Bursar fodder.  Possibly similar to the MontyPython CrunchyFrogSurprise?.
Oh, I thought it was all based upon that old canard about licking frogs for halluicgens.  TerryPratchett tends to make worlds based upon the same reality as ours, with wildly different human behaviours after all.  --Vitenka
I thought toads were hallucinogenic, not frogs??  --Jumlian
You think the wizards would manage to get that right?  --Vitenka

Is this now the preferred way of differentiating between frogs and toads then?  Lick it and see if you start hallucinating? --K
Well.. how else would you tell?  Browny-greeny-muck colour, jumpy legs, bobbly eyes...  We need something simlar for hares too.  Do you think it should be hares or rabbits that cause hallucinations?  --Vitenka  (Hares are mad, but some people see rabbits hiding eggs...)

They are carefully tuned hallucinogens that cause the patient to hallucinate that they are completely sane. Very useful.

According to MustrumRidcully, they are unavailable on the CounterweightContinent?.


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