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When a page
Is having comments mad

By different people
In different sections

Then we realllly need some better way to maintain it
Than via
The Evil
of the "Edit Conflict!" page

Using sub-pages and then MaintainMe to put it back together seems clunky, but might be the easiest way to maintain the flow.
Automatic merging into the top box of the Edit Conflict page for you to check over is possible - I understand how the script works enough to write it, now. Clashes could be delimited using the <<<<, ==== and >>>> notation. Heck, I could even make it a user-pref option. Would we really trust it, though? - MoonShadow
Would it even help when often we have had an Edit Conflict during the time it takes to fix a prior edit conflict?  --Vitenka (Automerge would be ok, but no, you can never really trust it)
Often my edit is only one paragraph, and the Conflicting edit is somewhere entirely different.  I would scan the automerged bit before submitting, but it would speed things significantly.  I'd use it.  --AlexChurchill
PeterTaylor disagrees with Vitenka - he trusts CVS automerges every day at work, and is rarely let down.
What do you use?  We're on ClearCase and it sucks hard.  If you have something better, please tell us!  --Vitenka
MoonShadow trusts automerges every day at work and is invariably let down; but this is probably a flaw of the particular software work uses. Heck, it can't even merge its own autogenerated per-revision text properly!


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