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ShapeOfANation, aka EmpireBuilder, is a BoardGame being designed and playtested by AlexChurchill.

v0.3 prototype materials (only expected to work in Chrome):
[Underling cards] (may be somewhat out of date), [Mission cards] (likewise)
[Player mats], [central mission board / turn tracker], [central map]

Summary by Vitenka (based on v0.1):
It's a geography claiming game, with a smattering of Dominion upgrading.

You have a tray of underlings, that you can activate for effect once a round (gain a cube or two, spend cubes to claim land) or you can pass; and gain the secondary (coin) effect - spending on either a cube, or on buying a new underling who sits on top of one of your existing ones replacing him.

At the end of the round, you then untap them all; may frobble underlings around a bit, and score a goal card from hand (for VP and cubes) if you have matching territory.  On some rounds there's also known shared goals to score.

One interesting thing is that you can score each goal in hand a set number of times; and the rewards decay over time.  But when scored, if you've set it up right, you may be able to gain multiples of the reward.  So there's pressure to delay for a better payoff, as well as to pay off ASAP. --Vitenka

Rules (v0.3)


Round Zero:

Action Rounds:

Scoring Rounds:

[Lots of examples of scoring go here.]

[Example of public mission scoring.]

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