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Sort of a CCG, but not really.

Wander round a strange world (four elemental factions plus an evil 'pale' faction) become the avatar of their union and win.
Or don't, considering that the campaign mode is almost impossibly difficult, or at least StuartFraser, a reasonably competent MagicTheGathering player, can't get past the third level as either faction.
Really?  It's not MagicTheGathering, but it's a pretty easy game, I found.  Note that early game strategies don't work later on, and you do need to create specific 'decks' for certain fights; a general deck won't win them all.  --Vitenka
You have neither time nor resources to create specific decks for certain fights; certainly not in "Flying Leaf" three wherein you're trying to get at an Aviak Elder before the synthets do, and not in the general case where you'll be overrun if you don't send heroes exploring and build them to level 5+ before they encounter the enemy. And, oh yes it is MagicTheGathering, or at least, I can't think of a spell in the tactical combat which isn't duplicated in Magic. --SF
Magic has a number of things this doesn't, though.  I generally found swapping out a couple of spells was enough.  And, um, I'm pretty sure you can pause when building decks.  That may be a difficulty setting, though.  --Vitenka
What? Hello, I'm talking about the campaign mode here. The one where in order to build decks with different cards in you have to have lots of resources and travel to two different buildings which are normally nowhere near each other on the map and generally have enemy forces between them. --SF
Sure - you're limited in what you can use until you can go shopping, but you can carry a SideBoard? equivalent.  --Vitenka
I feel I should point out here that Vitenka is talking about the sequel and I was talking about the original during this argument. There are reasonably strong odds that we were both right. --SF
Ahh... yes, that would explain the difference.  --Vitenka

Do this by walking up to people on the map and then battling them in a turn based contest of spells.  You get to decide what spells to equip beforehand, but the distribution in battle is randomised.

Mana progression is automated - and increases as you progress through the game, thus opening access to more powerful spells.

There are complications, like single-shot artifacts and specialities - as well as the choice of which spells to buy.

A surprisingly good little tatcical game.  Multiplayer is very non-special though - the 'pale' colour does tend to win rather a lot due to strange special abilities.

Available in all good second hand stores for under a fiver...

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