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Written by Joss Whedon, who also wrote BuffyTheVampireSlayer, Firefly is the story of the crew of the Firefly class ship Serenity. They make a living on the fringe of civilised space, hauling shady cargoes around and staying away from the Alliance, who rule the collected worlds (after a fight; the captain of Serenity, Malcolm, was on the losing side). The plot, which is ongoing, concerns a pair of fugitives taken onboard at a random stop, who are trouble on legs.
Its good points include strong and interesting characters, a plot that carries over from episode to episode, and some very funny one-liners. Bad points - there are a fair few cliches, and they had to stop the series halfway through the first season. But there's a film now, which ties up at least some of the loose ends.

It does occur to King DJ that this is show was a) good, b) aimed at an audience who were likely to be computer literate and c) cancelled because the manufactures didn't think they would make their money back............

I tended to find that there was a distinct shying away from standard wild-west or sci-fi cliches, and instead the series would set-up a situation that would appear to be leading towards a standard cliche, and then consciously subvert it. I'm thinking of things like Malc's solution to the hostage crisis at the end of the pilot episode. Of course, if you've seen a lot of set-it-up-and-knock-it-down events, then they themseleves could be considered cliched.  I'd add the theme tune and Kaylee to the list of plus points :-) --Snapdragon
Oh, and the use of Chinese for all the swear words (and the Serenity RPG which has an appendix with translations in the back) --Snapdragon

It is indeed absoloutely brilliant, and Fox should all go the the SpecialHell for cancelling it. Apparently, Fox promoted it as an action-comedy, and also screened the episodes in the wrong order - they showed the third episode first and the pilot second, I believe - so it's no suprise it didn't do as well as it could have done. Hopefully someone will decide it deserves a second chance and we'll get some more episodes. Kaylee is great; River is better, though. "I can kill you with my brain." -- Xarak

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