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It's purple.  It plays Zelda.  It's about four times larger than a pocket gameboy.  It plays 8cm DVD's.  It's very modern...

And it's a complete flop.
Seems that Nintendo NEED a Sega to compete against.

Amusingly, the only reason it's a complete flop is the price.  Argos recently dropped the price massively, and sold a whole bunch - so changed their minds about their stock clearance.
To continue this theme.  They dropped the price to $99.  They outsold the PS2.  When will these console makers realise the vital requirement for a console is: "One game that I want and everything I need to play that game and the ability to play more games for under 100"?  --Vitenka
Indeed.  My gamecube was bought for Mario.  --Angoel

With backwards compatibility and a huge range of available games, the PlayStation2? has easily won this generations console wars.  And there's no room for second place, really.
Strange to see Microsoft and Nintendo fighting for it, in that case. --Angoel
Throwing good money after bad is a long established business practice ;)  I think it's more that there's no room for third place, and they are both fighting to avoid relegation.  Plus, of course, they both believe that it's the next generation (media centre integration, wireless home etc.) that matters, but they need the foothold.  --Vitenka
I'll agree on the no room for third place ;) --Angoel

But, they've promised to make another console - and they utterly own the handheld market (why didn't they make the SP a phone too?  Well, because most of their market already own a phone - and because they are idiots)
I am very very glad they didn't make it a phone.  Honestly, I don't think I would own one now if they had.  Between phone companies trying to make 'deals' and contract periods and the like, I wouldn't have touched it with a TenFootBargePole?... --Kazuhiko

So why not make it a commodity phone?  Or at least make an add-on that allowed it to accept any sim card, go onto any network or plan.  It's already got the speakers built in.  --Vitenka (Device convergence or baggy pants.  It's one or the other...)

General console news: [Intel Loses Xbox Contract to IBM]

An interesting read, mainly for the fact that all three of the main consoles are now based on IBM processors...  It also talks about the new version of the XBox being announced in January for release in autumn...

What on Earth have the PS team been doing?  Where is the PS3? --Kazuhiko
Last I heard, it's based on cell (multiple smaller processors on a single die, tech from IBM), it's pretty much working but they are releasing the psx2 (ps2 + tivo in a box) and concentrating on making the networking and integration stuff work.  After all, they don't make money on the hardware, they make money on the games.  Everyone who wants a console has a ps2 and they are making money hand over fist on the games.  PS3 isn't due until 2005 at least.  There isn't even a plan for the xbox2 (beyond the price down version and smaller box coming out soon), but it will obviouly just be the next generation of directx and pc hardware, whenever they choose to release and the dolphin is doing the same as nintendos hardware releases always do.  --Vitenka

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