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GigaClon's Shadowmoor Release Tournament

Roanoke, Virginia, USA



1x Ashenmoor Gouger
1x Blazethorn Scarecrow
1x Crabapple Cohort
1x Elvish Hexhunter
1x Emberstrike Duo
1x Furystoke Giant
1x Inescapable Brute
2x Juvenile Gloomwidow
1x Kitchen Finks
1x Mudbrawler Raiders
1x Rustrazor Butcher
1x Tattermunge Duo
1x Tattermunge Maniac
1x Vexing Shusher


1x Blight Sickle
1x Burn Trail
1x Crimson Wisps
1x Fists of the Demigod
1x Giantbaiting
1x Power of Fire
1x Runes of the Deus
1x Scar
1x Traitor's Roar
1x Tyrannize
2x Viridescent Wisps


6x Forest
7x Mountain

Match History

Match One Opponent was suffering from Color Screw, 2-0
Match Two Second Game, on the play, mulled to 4 and missed the drop :( 'twas not pleasant, 0-2
Match Three Best match of the day, Close, 2-1
Match Four Really Close, 1-2

Card History

Tyrannize- nice card, dropped it twice, 1 discard, 1 life loss
Blazethorn Scarecrow- popped out a couple times, was nice
Crabapple Cohort- very nice, helped out alot, 5/5 for 5 is nuts
Emberstrike Duo- The first striking helped with a threat but overall was meh cause i didn't have that much black.
Traitor's Roar- only saw it once, used it on Devoted Druid, did no damage and untap immediately :(
Fists of the Demigod- only saw it once, used it on the Emberstrike Duo. Thought about placing on an opposing creature and then hitting it with Traitor's Roar.
Viridescent Wisps- used the pump quite a lot nice card
Crimson Wisps-I don't think i ever used it for the haste. One turn i gave my opponents creature haste so i could draw a card.
Juvenile Gloomwidow- nice two drop that held down the fort, not sexy but useful. Only saw one flying creature all day.
Tattermunge Maniac- came in many opening hands and with Power of Fire gave me options. First Opponent let me slide when i didn't attack with and instead pinged at the end of his turn.
Furystoke Giant- Very nice card, handed me the win with three other creatures in play, 6 damage to the dome.
Scar- Saw lots of use in early rounds killing Rhys the Redeemed. Didn't see it later though.
Kitchen Finks- nice card with "comes into play" ability, in one game I blocked my opponents Finks with one of my own, gaining two life for both of us.
Rustrazor Butcher- Ok. First strike helped me take the sting out of a trampler.
Ashenmoor Gouger- first time I played it got stolen. i was sad.
Elvish Hexhunter- Saw once never used.
Inescapable Brute- Helped clear out the ground in a couple of games.
Blight Sickle- somewhat useful
Burn Trail-I don't think I ever got it off. was looking to topdeck it a bit.
Giantbaiting-4/4 on turn three... nice. 2 4/4's even better

and finally the day belongs to ...
Runes of the Deus
this card is ridiculous in my first game i placed it on Tattermunge Duo and had a 5/6 Doublestrikin' Forestwalkin' Tramplin' monster that helped me win my first match. Later I would put it on Vexing Shusher and Mudbrawler Raiders for similar effect. Although one time it died under the weight of many -1/-1 counters. Vexing Shusher never got used cause I never saw a blue deck, the closest i got was the blue enchantment that steal creatures, like my Ashenmoor Gouger. 
Yeah, it's great. At the prerelease, I think I won more games with a Runed-up Tattermunge Duo than with any other method. --Edwin
Note could someone edit the wiki so there is not so much blank space between lines, headings and so forth it looks bad. --GigaClon
I've done the best I can. I agree that the blank lines after headings look suboptimal, and my ugly hack doesn't work when there are multiple headings immediately following each other. It could be worth posting on ToothyWikiInternals/WikiFeatures to ask MoonShadow about it. --AlexChurchill

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